The Relief division is our comprehensive solutions response to Chilean and foreign agencies in the event of catastrophe.

Response in case of emergency

When a catastrophe occurs victims need an immediate response according to their dignity in order to satisfy their basic needs: shelter, housing and food. Wienecke is a specialist in offering comprehensive solutions to victims by means of tents complying with United Nations standards.

  • Emergency tents

  • Field hospitals

  • Turnkey camps

Emergency products

In addition to comprehensive solutions in case of catastrophes Wienecke also offers emergency products to satisfy other basic needs always aiming at respectful solutions for dignity of the victims.

  • Basic kitchen sets

  • Collapsible water containers

  • Emergency kits

  • Thermal blankets

Comprehensive solution in the event of catastrophe

  • Haiti (MINUSTAH) 2010

    Wienecke had the privilege of participating in the turnkey-type manufacture and setting up of the camp for the military forces during the UN peacekeeping missions (MINUSTAH) in Haiti.

  • Chile earthquake 2010

    On the occasion of the catastrophic earthquake occurred in Chile in February 2010 Wienecke supplied more than 6,000 tents to the Chilean Government which were distributed to victims in the most severely affected areas.

Our customers

  • Chilean Army
  • Chilean Navy

Relief Catalog

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