We are suppliers of sails, standing and running riggings for tall ships around the world. We differentiate because of our design capability and customized service


Design, making and setting up of sails for tall ships. We offer a comprehensive and customized service to all our clients using the best materials in the market.

  • Design

  • Manufacture

  • Repair

Running riggings

Design, engineering and setting up of gear for tall ships. We know that every ship is unique; we design customized running riggings which allow sailing to be easier and to make it as effective as possible.

  • Rope blocks

  • Riggings

  • Others

Standing riggings

Design, engineering, manufacture and setting up of cables, terminals and turnbuckles for tall ships. Our experience has enabled us to set up riggings and spars in the biggest sail training ships of the world with outstanding results. Our work is done under DNV-GL and Lloyd’s Register standards.

  • Wire ropes

  • Terminals

  • Turnbuckles

  • Trimming

Our experience

  • Over 115 years

    of experience

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    in twelve countries


  • Replacement of standing rigging A.R.B.V. Simon Bolivar

    During major maintenance in 2006 the sail training ship A.R.B.V. Simon Bolivar (Venezuelan Navy) was put through replacement of the standing rigging with marine grade AISI 316L stainless steel wire ropes and turnbuckles thus being the first tall ship in Latin America using this material. Wienecke was involved both in setting up riggings and spars and in the design, engineering, manufacture and setting up of every element used in this project.

  • Replacement of standing rigging A.R.C. Gloria

    In 2010 began the first stage of standing rigging replacement of sail training ship A.R.C. Gloria (Colombian Navy) with marine grade AISI 316l stainless steel wire ropes and turnbuckles. Wienecke was involved in the design, engineering, manufacture and setting up of every element used in this project.

  • Pre-tensioning of standing rigging B.E. Esmeralda

    In 2010 B.E. Esmeralda (Chilean Navy) was put through tension measuring and trimming of her standing rigging.

  • Replacement of standing rigging B.A.E. Guayas

    In 2014 Wienecke was involved in replacing part of the standing rigging of sail training ship B.A.E. Guayas (Ecuadorean Navy). This was an emergency repair work of damages suffered in the bowsprit during the 2014 South America Sails Regatta. Inspection of damages was done at La Guaira, Venezuela, where a provisional repair was done. Damaged wire ropes were replaced later on in Rio de Janeiro; twenty three wire ropes (shrouds and backstays) were replaced in only three days. This allowed the Guayas to continue sailing via Cape Horn and arrive safe at port.

  • Setting up of riggings and tackles of B.A.P. Union

    In 2015 Wienecke was engaged in the construction of the new sail training ship of the Peruvian Navy B.E.V. Union. We were responsible for masting and rigging, design, engineering, building and setting up of the standing and running riggings of the ship. This work was done under DNV-GL and Lloyd´s Register standards.

  • Replacement of standing rigging B.E. Juan Sebastian de Elcano

    In 2013 Navanti España signed a contract with Wienecke for us to design and set up the standing rigging of B.E. Sebastian de Elcano where the old hound system was replaced with spelter sockets.

Our customers

  • A.R.A. Libertad

    Armada de la República de Argentina

  • N.B. Cisne Branco

    Marinha do Brasil

  • B.E Esmeralda

    Armada de Chile

  • A.R.C. Gloria

    Armada de Colombia

  • B.A.E. Guayas

    Armada de Ecuador

  • B.E. Juan Sebastián Elcano

    Armada Española

  • El Boughaz I

    Rey Mohammed VI de Marruecos

  • A.R.M. Cuauhtémoc

    Armada de México

  • B.A.P. Unión

    Marina de Guerra del Perú

  • B.E. Capitán Miranda

    Armada Nacional de la República Oriental del Uruguay

  • A.R.B.V. Simón Bolívar

    Armada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela

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