Wienecke has an HTS division to offer High Technology Structures to clients seeking a rapid and low impact solution for industrial storage and large covers.

Storehouses and Modular Structures

We are responsible for the process going from advising to turnkey assembly of aluminum and galvanized steel modular structures used as storehouses for industrial storage, large covers and pagoda marquees for events.

  • Industrial storage

  • Sports venues

  • Hangars


  • Coquimbo market

    In 2014 Wienecke was engaged in designing and assembling a modular structure of a 2,500 sq m area currently used as a cover for a fruit and vegetable market in the North of Chile. Installation of this structure took only fifteen days thus reducing the impact on the normal operation of the market to a minimum. This modern element in the infrastructure has produced a positive effect both on sales and tourism in the area.

  • Events Centre

    In 2015 Wienecke took part in the design and installation of a modular structure of a 2,000 sq m area used as events centre in the northern area of Chile. The structure covered an open area including a swimming pool which is now used for events all year long.

  • Events Pagoda Marquee

    In 2016 Wienecke supplied and installed a pagoda-like structure in a hospitality centre which is used for events. The pagoda marquee has a main aluminum structure with a PVC roof and security glass walls.

HTS Catalog

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